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Aluminum mirrors are made by a unique new aluminum metal, which has been treated with special shining metal. They have some significant characteristics.
Mirrors were originally made by coating glass surface with a silversubstance.Mirrors are nowadays used not only for reflecting images but also for safety, decoration, lighting and so on. Metal mirrors have been used but they have a shortcoming, heave-weight. Plastic mirrors have been also used, but they are very fragile, they attract dust, and they tend to deform themselves depending on temperatures. We have worked on the drawbacks of those mirrors and succeeded in creating a new technology that produces aluminum mirrors. The mirrors are treated with a high-level shining metal on the surface and they are light-weighted as aluminum. This technology of ours has been highly recognized by many companies all over the world. We hope many manufactures in the world would further make use of our products with great potentialities.


Vanity Mirror
Light-weighted and easy to process and handle
Unbreakable (unlike glass mirrors)
Unburnable (unlike resinous mirrors)
Clear reflection and Does not get fogged easily


Industry instrument No1
Something like mirrors
Light-weighted mirrors
To process mirrors
(curving, making holes, partial changes, cuttng)
Safety with mirrors
Decorations (silk-printing on the surface)

Industry instrument No2
*The Red line area is Aluminum Mirror


Interior Decoration on the Amusement facility
Okinawa Marine Expo (Mitsubishi Future and Green buildings)

Interior(walls, ceilings), Lighting, Furniture, Solar energy, Reflection mirrors(space aviation), Education, Dashboards, Others

Interior Decoration on TOKYU Plaza in Kamata

 Product Specification

Thickness Measurement Package(1Package) Weight per sheet
0.8mm 400 X 1,200mm 15Mirrors 1.040kg

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